Ryder (Slater Brothers #4)(11) by L.A. Casey

I groaned and rocked my pelvis against him once more. “I think I can come from doin’ this alone,” I said into his ear and then pulled back and snaked my tongue across his lower lip.

Ryder’s hips bucked up into me. “Prove it.”

Was he challenging me? I thought, my inner vixen smirking.

It was very rare that I let her out to play, but Ryder was coaxing her out into the open. Shy Branna was taking a backseat to Naughty Branna, and, for once, I did so willingly.

I covered his mouth with mine and squeezed his shoulders with my hands when I heard him groan at the contact. He plunged his warm, wet tongue into my mouth and growled as I rolled my pelvis against him. I continued to rock against him, panting as the added friction of our clothes roughly rubbed against my throbbing clit.

I pulled away from Ryder’s mouth to try and catch my breath, but he wouldn’t allow it. As soon I detached my lips from his, he lifted a hand from my behind and fisted it in my hair and roughly pulled my head back towards his and covered his mouth with mine once more. He bit down on my lower lip before sucking it into his mouth.


I moaned as he bucked his hips up and pushed his hardened length against me. I hissed and rolled my hips back and forth until my breathing became laboured. I could feel the sensation that was building up in my core. At first it was little licks of pleasure I felt, but the harder and faster I bucked against Ryder, the more intense the licks became until suddenly it was excruciating pleasure. I sucked in a breath and held it as I was thrown over the edge into bliss.

I felt kisses and a tongue trail along my jaw line, but I was only pulled back into reality when teeth bit into my neck causing me to cry out. The mixture of pleasure and pain was so intense I let go of Ryder’s shoulders and started to involuntary lean to the right. Before I had a chance to fall, Ryder gripped onto me and pulled my chest against his. He held me against him until the cloud of ecstasy lifted from me and I blinked reality back into focus.

Heaven, my mind purred, that was exactly what I experienced.

“Holy Christ,” I panted.

“You were right,” Ryder growled. “You could come from just grinding on me.”

I allowed his words to sink in, and the realisation of what I just did became very clear.

“Omigod,” I whispered and squeezed against Ryder, hiding my face in the crook of his neck. “What did I just do? Oh, God, you must think I’m some little—”

“Don’t finish that sentence,” Ryder cut me off, bringing his mouth to my ear. “You used my body to give yours pleasure, it was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. That was for me alone, no one else saw. I dimmed the light in our booth. Only you and I know that you just came apart.”

I widened my eyes to the point of pain, pulled back from Ryder and darted my eyes around the club. Shock hit me. I had just gotten off on a stranger in the middle of a populated nightclub.

“I just turned into the girl me parents warned me to avoid hangin’ around with when I was younger.”

Ryder’s chuckle helped me relax.

“You amuse me, sweetness.”

I looked down at him. “Sweetness?”

He nodded. “Your mouth tastes so sweet.”

“You’re so gorgeous,” I breathed, overwhelmed that someone as perfect as him seemed to like me, or at the very least liked kissing me.

Ryder grinned. “Sweet talker.”

I felt my cheeks flush, and I was about to tease him back when I heard sudden wolf whistles and catcalls. “Big brother is getting some,” an unfamiliar male voice whooped as the light in our booth—which I didn’t notice had turned off—came back on. “Damn, is her front as nice as her back?”

I pulled back from Ryder and looked over my shoulder to find four males staring at Ryder and myself. Mainly me. I could tell straight off the bat that they were the brothers Aideen had mentioned. They were all the same height, a few inches over six feet—easily. From the left to the right I scanned each male and saw similarities and differences. The main difference out of all the brothers was the kid on the far left who had hair as white as snow. He was younger than Ryder too, a lot younger.

The kid was standing next to another kid, just one with dark hair. Everything else about them was similar, and I remembered something else that Aideen said, she said they were twins. It was obvious that they were identical. I could see from the smirks they shot my way that they both rocked deep dimples in their cheeks, and it was a Godly sight if I ever saw one.

The dark haired kid had a red swollen eye that would be discoloured in a few hours as a bruise set in. He had a small cut on his lips, and the white hand wraps around his fingers and knuckles were stained with red. He was shirtless and I was surprised for a kid his age to have such defined abs and a prominent set of oblique muscles. His arms were big with muscle, and even his thighs were ripped. He was definitely the fighter.


I flicked my eyes to the right and they landed on an absolute beauty. He had shoulder length dark hair, big eyes, big shoulders, and a killer grin. I saw dimples, like his younger brothers, dented his cheeks when he grinned, and my insides did summersaults at the visual. He wore a black buttoned up shirt that was rolled up to the elbows, and I saw a partial of a very colourful tattoo that wrapped around his forearm and snuck under the shirt, hiding it away. I could only imagine the rest of the tattoo he was rocking.


To avoid openly drooling, I flicked my eyes to the last brother, and I barely managed to hide the gasp I sucked in. I openly stared at the other three males with awe, but I couldn’t not stare at the last brother even if I tried. He had supple tan skin like his brothers, and his hair was thick and dark, too. His jaw line was out of this world, and he was big with muscle all over... but his face and neck. They were scarred. Badly. I was terrified to think, let alone ask, what could have caused such damaged. He looked vicious, and unlike his brothers, he wasn’t grinning or smiling at me. He just stared at me... or maybe glared?


“Fuck,” the brother that had longish hair grunted. “Definitely as nice as the back. You’re hot, baby.”

I blinked at him then looked down to Ryder when he growled. “Don’t even think about it, Alec,” he warned his brother.

Alec. Damn, his name was hot, just like him.

I glanced back to Alec and saw he frowned at his brother. “I can’t play?”

“Not with this one,” Ryder stated. “She’s mine.”

And fuck me if that declaration didn’t stop my heart.

Alec groaned out loud. “You’re no fun.”

The brother who I was nervous to look at said to Alec in a deep voice, “You fucked that black haired chick with the big tits in the bathroom, why are you complaining?”

Alec looked at his brother with a raised brow. “That was a whole hour ago. I’m bored now that Dominic isn’t fighting.”

Dominic. Shit, their names suited them to a tee.

Dominic lifted his hand to his swollen eye and rubbed his tender flesh before he dropped it and grinned at Alec. “I heard her screaming ‘Elec’ from outside the bathroom. You didn’t correct her?”

Alec snorted. “I was balls deep, she could have called me Barney the Dinosaur and I’d have answered her.”

I laughed at that, and it drew everyone’s attention. The white haired brother tilted his head as he stared at me, his eyes raking over me leisurely. “What’s your name?” he asked when his gaze locked on mine.

Shit, he sounded eerily like his twin.

“Branna,” I said lowly.

All four brothers leaned in trying to hear me, but when I didn’t repeat it they looked to Ryder who said, “Branna.”

The white haired brother smiled, and the hands on Ryder’s shoulder instinctively flexed. No one should possess a smile that alluring. No. One.

“Nice to meet you, Branna,” he said, bowing his head. “I’m Damien.”

He jabbed his finger to his left. “This is Dominic, the perv is Alec, and that guy glaring at you is Kane.”

Kane. I flicked my eyes to the menacing looking Slater brother and bit down on my lower lip. Oh, yeah, he looked like a Kane. Sexy, mysterious and downright terrifying.

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